Learning about difference by living with difference

December 16, 2014

The 11th International Summer School on Pluralism, Development and Social Change

From 6 – 21 December 2014, young activists and academics from South Africa, India, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Kenya are meeting at the 11th International Summer School on Pluralism, Development and Social Change. Hivos organises this learning event every year together with the University of Humanistic Studies in the Netherlands, the Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice at the University of the Free State (South Africa), the Global Centre for Pluralism (Canada) and Glocal University (India).

The participants not only study theories of pluralism and social change, but also confront each other with their own prejudices. By spending 16 days together, the students get to know the very different realities of their respective countries and how their own perceptions colour what they read in academic text books.

“Hivos supports and participates in this Summer School because it provides us and fellow change-makers with an in-depth reflection on why we are doing what we are doing and whether we are getting where we want to be. The combination of academic study, excursions and living together is unique in connecting the dots,” says Ute Seela, Hivos’ Knowledge Officer who helped set up the Summer School.

Every day, one of the participants writes a blog. You can read them here.