Call for Proposals to Co-Create Green Villages in Zambia

September 23, 2014

Call for Proposals for Private Sector Partnership in Innovation to co-create Green Villages, powered by renewable energy and productive landscapes in Chongwe District, Lusaka Province. Zambia.

Hivos and three local partner organizations in Zambia; Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC), Dairy Association of Zambia (DAZ) and Micro Bankers Trust (MBT) have teamed up to develop a programme based on the concept of green principles. 

In the partnership, Hivos will provide technical support in stimulating a change agenda in addition to project management and coordination support. KATC is a farmer-training institution that provides organic farming training and extension services to small holder producers in dairy and horticulture focussing on enterprises in organic vegetable production, basic dairy and pastures, beekeeping, farm management and entrepreneurship.

MBT provides credit to producers mainly in dairy and horticulture production as well as other commercial enterprises. DAZ is a national membership-based organization working with dairy farmers. Its core services include training, extension, information dissemination, facilitation of linkages, lobbying and advocacy on behalf of members to government and other authorities on matters affecting the dairy industry. Hivos’s role is to facilitate collaboration among willing stakeholders in the co-creation of model green villages in line with its principles of a Green Society and to create new mindsets regarding green living in participating communities. Initial focus will be on horticulture and dairy production.

Hivos hereby invites private sector companies that have innovative ideas to scale up impact on programmes benefitting small holder producers in the dairy and horticulture value chains to submit bids/proposals for partnership. The partnership bid should demonstrate innovation for:

  • purposes of scaling up investment and uptake of climate smart technologies,
  • productive use of renewable energy
  • creation of markets for green products
  • provisionof green financing.

For more information on this call for proposals please download the document in the sidebar on the right.

DEADLINE for submission is 27 November, 2014, 1700hrs. Submission details are in the downloadable PDF.