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Hivos invests in knowledge to trigger change. By understanding the drivers of social change (and upheaval), we can make our role and programmes more effective. Our aim is to translate the knowledge and innovations we co-create with academics, policy makers and businesses, as well as with civil society, activists and grass roots stakeholders, into new policies, practices and scalable solutions to achieve social change.

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The Hivos Global Newsletter comes out several times a year to keep you abreast of our activities and the work of our partners throughout the regions where we work: Latin America, East Africa, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia. It contains selected highlights of the news items, blog posts and...

Duration: 2016 – 2020
Donor: Rutgers
Partners: Rutgers, ARROW, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, Dance4Life, IPPF AR, LACWHN, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affaires
Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Senegal,...

Hivos believes that people should have control over their own bodies, sexual identity and relationships. This is essential for anyone to be able to live in freedom, dignity, and true equality. These are rights that must be respected so that every human being can make his or her own choices and...